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The NNCTR is dedicated to helping to build capacity for cancer treatment and research in Nepal in which such capacity is presently limitLogo_NNCTR_1ed, and thereby to create a foundation on which to build strategies designed to lessen the suffering, limit the number of lives lost, and promote the highest quality of life for children and adults with cancer, and to increase the quantity and quality of cancer research throughout the country.
The worldwide increase in non-infectious diseases stimulated a paradigm shift in the health service delivery system of many countries. The ever increasing prevalence of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and asthma is drawing more attention to emphasize lifestyle changes of the people than ever before. Various forms of cancer are being detected every year with new technology and increased efforts of health and non-health civil societies.

The number of cancer patients in Nepal is estimated to be between 60-70,000, which will likely increase in days to come. Public awareness, screening, prevention, treatment and research related to cancer are in demand. Responses are reflected through establishment of various cancer related NGOs, Hospices and full-fledged hospitals in the country. To work effectively for the cause of prevention and treatment of cancer, development of networking among these various institutions was required. It was with this objective of supporting cancer prevention and treatment activities in the country a meeting held of a group of humanitarian citizens at Budol in Banepa on 27 August 2000 resolved to establish the Nepal Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (NNCTR). Shortly after one year of its inception, NNCTR became an associate member of the International Network for Cancer treatment and Research (INCTR), Belgium on 16 July 2001.
NNCTR/ INCTR Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered with registration number 753 District Administration Office, Kavre, Nepal 15/4/2060 and with registration number 15153 at the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu, Nepal on 26/4/2060. It is also registered in PAN with register number 301893327/2062/1041 at Internal Revenue Office, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal, Bhaktapur. NNCTR became an associate member of the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR), Belgium on 6 July 2001 and working as a branch of INCTR in Nepal. It has also received affiliation to the NGO Federation of Nepal and District Development Office (DDO), Kavre.

  • Non-profit, non-governmental organization
  • International Network for cancer treatment and research (INCTR) associate member 2001
  • INCTR Nepal branch Office 2002
  • District Administration office, Kavre Nepal 2002 (Re. No. 753)
  • Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu, Nepal 2002
  • NGO Federation of Nepal, Kavre, Branch 2002
  • PAN-Internal Revenue Office, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal, |Bhaktapur 2003
  • INCTR Nepal branch office 2002

NNCTR/INCTR Nepal has since formed many successful collabrations with numerous international organisations such as:

  • The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF)
  • The Nepal Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (NACCF)
  • PHASE Worldwide UK (PHASE-UK)
  • Australian Embassy Nepal – Direct Aid Program (DAP) (Aust Embassy Nepal)
  • Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF)
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)