Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention Program has organized at different communities of Kavre, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu Districts. The program was Supported by THET, DFID, PHASE Worldwide UK. From 19th-23rd Nov 2016, the NNCTR Nepal was able to provide cancer education, cervical and breast screening to over 1,000 adult women.

A total of 1,064 individuals from 5 communities participated in the NNCTR community orientation program which provides cancer awareness education and also explains the importance of early detection and prevention of cervical and breast cancer.

Screening camps were organized within 5 communities. A total no. of 974 women was screened for cervical cancer. Among these women 38 (3.90%) were found to be positive in the screening test and all 38 women were treated by thermo coagulation and 11 of them were taken biopsy for histopathology test. Among all, 1(0.10%) women was found with invasive cancer and was referred to Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Bhaktapur. A total no. of 245 (25.15%) women who were found to have sexually transmitted infection and these women were given free medication on the camp day. Uterine prolapse was detected in 9 (0.92%) women, and these women were referred to hospitals having free treatment facilities. And 621(63.75%) women have normal cervix.

Breast cancer screening was done in 5 communities and a total of 974 women received both breast cancer education and examination. Of these women 67 (6.87%) were given medication and among 67, 5 women were referred to TU. Teaching Hospital for specialist follows up treatment.