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Outcomes / impact of projects run by or in collaboration with NNCTR:


  • More than 30,400 women aged between 30 and 60 years have undertaken screening for cervical cancer and follow up treatment of positive cases has been provided. Screening camps have been set up and run across Nepal often reaching isolated communities.
  • 68 doctors, 122 local nurses and 90 field volunteers have acquired basic technical skills required for cervical cancer screening.
  • 16, 825 women aged between 30 and 60 years have been screened for breast cancer and taught the physical self-examination breast check.
  • In cooperation with our sister organisation NACCF, 22,391 school girls aged between 11 and 13 years have received the Gardisal cervical cancer vaccine and 689 local health workers have been trained to deliver the vaccine.
  •  To date 203,309 individuals have benefited from participating in the cancer education program.
  • 183 local educators have been trained to deliver the cancer education program.
  • 2, 214 medical, nursing and public health students have benefited from the pallative care sensitization program and 7 doctors and 20 nurses have benefited from the short-term pallative care training.
  • 468 women have been surgically treated for uterine prolapses.
  •  With the cooperation and collaboration of the local NGOs and community cancer awareness units are being established.
  • There is active cooperation from the general public at the cervical and breast cancer screening camps and attendance and voluntary participation by a women commonly reaches the maximum.
  • Throughout the years, development of a positive attitude and heightened awareness among the general public about cervical cancer is evident.

The NNCTR thanks INCTR, ACCF , NACCF, Australian Embassy – DAP Program Team, Scheer Memorial Hospital and other Hospitals, organizations and individuals for their regular support, funding and cooperation in running these programs and appeals for cooperation and support in the future too.