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NNCTR/NACCF has organized Cervical Cancer Screening and prevention Program at Rasuwa district which was supported by Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF). The program was co-organized by Naukunda Rural Municipality Ward no. 1 and 6 and Kalika Rural Municipality Ward no. 2.
Prior to the screening camps NNCTR/NACCF run orientation programs at three different communities of Rasuwa District namely, Lokil Village, Aarukharka and Ramche from 29th Sep to 1st Oct, 2019. In the program, women participation was remarkable. Women had come from different areas from far and near. More than 100 women did participate in the awareness program and they were informed the importance of early detection and prevention of cervical and breast cancer. Women have surely gained the knowledge on Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention. So that, those women can disseminate their knowledge to other women and their relatives. NNCTR/NACCF has distributed some snacks to the participants of the awareness program.
A total of 295 women were screened for cervical cancer. Of these women 18(6.10%) were found positive in the screening test. Out of 18, 14 (4.74%) women having positive cases were given Thermocoagulation treatment on the camp site and were call for follow up test after six month. There were also 60 (20.33%) women having STI and 119 (40.33%) were with major complain. They were given free medication in the camp. Uterus prolapse was detected in 9 (3.05%) women. Among 9, 4 women were referred to Scheer Memorial hospital for free surgical treatment. One patient from NACCF/ NNCTR Health Clinic who was came from Roshi, also benefited from the free surgical treatment program. The surgical treatment was done in collaboration with Scheer Memorial Hospital.