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Brief Report 2017

NNCTR/ NACCF Health Clinic 2017

Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening is very important for the women of Nepal but the limited economy of NNCTR/NACCF, it is unable to provide free screening program on Cervical and Breast Cancer. So, with the permission of District Health Office, NNCTR/ NACCF is providing health clinic for the women on cervical and breast cancer screening and treatment from December 2015. It is also providing orientation on cervical and breast cancer to the women who are visited at the clinic. In the beginning of one year, clinic was run in a monthly basis and then it has started two times in a month till now.
NNCTR/ NACCF has provided cervical cancer screening for 695 women from the beginning to till now. Among them 117(16.83%) women were found with VIA Positive, 88 (12.66%) with cervical infection and 74 (10.64%) with uterus prolapse. Among 117 VIA Positive women, 78 (66.66%) women were diagnosed with high grade lesion and 39 (33.33%) with low grade lesion. 77 (98.71%) women were treated by Thermocoagulation and 2 (2.56%) were by Cryo Therapy treatment among 78 women with high grade lesion. The women, who have been diagnosed with low grade lesion, were found normal VIA after three months of follow up test. And the biopsies of 9 (11.53 %) women were taken among 78 women of VIA Positive. Among 9 biopsies, 6 were diagnosed with Chronic Cervicitis, 1 with Moderate Chronic Cervicitis, 1 with Severe Chronic Cervicitis and 1 with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia-II (CIN- II). The follow up test has been taken for those Chronic, Moderate and Severe Cervicitis and they were found with VIA Negative. The case of CIN- II has retreated by Thermocoagulation in the follow up test.
In the case of first and second degree uterus prolapse, women were treated by ring pressury. And third degree prolapse cases will refer to appropriate hospital for further treatment. The cases of cervical infection were prescribed for medication.
NNCTR/ NACCF has organized total 24 cervical and breast cancer awareness program in different communities. In the orientation total 723 women had participated.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 2017

One week cervical cancer awareness program is celebrated in seven different Comunities of Banepa Municipality, Nepal from 13th to 19th November, 2017 . The program was coordinated by ward chairman of Banepa Municipality, women’s group of different communities and Shree Bhomi savings and cooperative. through different activities like, community awareness and interaction program on cervical cancer, cervical cancer screening (VIA Test) program, cervical cancer education to school children, orange ribbon distribution and orange nail painting to the women who participated on the orientation. In orientation, more than 225 women had actively participated. The program was visited by ward chairman of Banepa Municipality and staff of Health Unit. Local newspaper also published news of celebrated cervical cancer awareness program.