Brief Report 2018

Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention Program
NNCTR/ NACCF has organized Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention Program in different 25 communities of Banepa Municipality. The program was supported by The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) The Australian Embassy – Nepal and co-organized by Banepa Municipality.
The NNCTR/NACCF, under this project, has successfully provided Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening services to 4,466 women. In addition, NNCTR/NACCF has also utilized the refresher and technical skills transfer training for nurses and health workers. This helps the nurses working in camps to acquire necessary skills of detecting practices, enhancing their skill of screening technique.
About 108 community Volunteers are well exposed to breast cancer education, screening management and practices.
A total of 5,412 women from 25 communities participated in the NNCTR/NACCF community orientation program.
In total screening camps are organised in 25 communities, in which 4,466 eligible women did participate. Among them, 218 (4.88%) were found having VIA positive and they were given free treatment of Thermocoagulation/ Cryotherapy and necessary medication. 1,388 (31.07%) women were found with STI infection. And they were provided free medication. 155 (3.47%) of women were found with second and third degree uterus prolapse and they were referred to appropriate hospital.
All the 4,466 women participating in the camps were given Breast Cancer education and self breast examination technique. Among them, 281(6.29%) were treated by medication. And those who need additional test and treatment were referred to TU. Teaching Hospital and Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital for follow up treatment.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 2018
Cervical cancer awareness program is celebrated in different Comunities of Banepa Municipality Nepal from 12th to 18th November, 2018 . The program was coordinated by ward chairman of Banepa Municipality Ward No. 5 Mr. Bala Ram Adhikari and women’s group of different communities through different activities like, community awareness and interaction program on cervical cancer, cervical cancer screening (VIA Test) program, orange ribbon distribution and orange nail painting to the women who participated on the orientation and screening camp. In orientation, more than 205 women had actively participated. The program was visited by ward chairman of Banepa Municipality and staff of Health Unit.

NNCTR Health Clinic 2018
In this year of 2018 NNCTR/ NACCF Health Clinic is running once a week on Tuesday. At the beginning NNCTR/NACCF Health Clinic service used to hold on once a month. And after a year it was expanded as twice a month. As the flow of patients was increasing we had started our clinic service once a week on every Tuesday. At the same time, we are expanding our orientation activities in a community level so that the women become more aware about cervical and breast cancer. Our advertisement through local media and newspaper is still going on. It is really helping. From 2018 January to till now December 2018, NNCTR have organized 20 awareness programs at different communities of Banepa Municipality. And the clinic has served 493 women. Among them 123 were found VIA positive, 59 women have infection and 37 have uterus prolapse. Among 123 women, 112 were given Thermocoagulation treatment and they were called to visit after 6 months later for follow up treatment, 59 women were prescribed for related medication and 37 women were given ring pessary treatment.